Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The debate tonight on WVIA

I sincerely hope everybody watches this. Regardless of what side you're on, you should know where your candidate stands.

With that said, here are some questions I'd like to see asked.

To Hackett:
Will you start calling your campaign the RMS Titanic now or wait until after losing the primary?

After losing the primary, will you go on record and acknowledge that Toomey and Madeira are farktards? As a follow up, will you ever speak to them again?

Do you regret going negative solely because you were so far behind in the polls?

As the intelligent man that you are, do you regret the damage you've done to your own party with your campaign's mudslinging?

To Meuser:
After winning back the seat in the 10Th, how will you ensure an open dialogue with your constituents?

As a Congressman, what changes would you push for to help take America out of the role of being the world's policemen?

What is your position on that failed entity known as the United Nations?

With our country running in deficit, will you advocate a change to Foreign Aid until America is in a fiscal position to actually give money away?

What changes would you recommend to help ensure a more level playing field in regards to helping make American manufacturers competitive on the world stage?

Will you advocate more refineries be built to ease the burden of gas, diesel, and heating oil prices?

Considering that my tax return is thicker than many novels, will you advocate a simpler, more fair tax plan?

Will you advocate adding more human intelligent assets on foreign soil to make up for the vast number that were eliminated under Clinton?

I could go on but am hoping anybody reading this posts their own questions in the comments.


NEPAExpat said...


The high price of gas isn't due to a lack of refineries. It's due to a devaluation of the dollar. Regardless, break out your leisure suit to wait in line for gas if any of the 3 have a real say in Washington for energy policy.

Zen said...

There is in fact a critical shortage of refineries. When was the last new one built? I agree the plummetting value of the dollar against foreign markets does play a role.