Thursday, April 3, 2008

I wonder what Hackett's response will be

April 3, 2008
A Special Message from Dan Meuser

NE Caucus of Republican State Committee asks Congressional Candidates to Sign Positive Campaign PledgeMeuser Signs Pledge and asks Hackett to Join Him for the sake of the Party
Conservative Republican Congressional Candidate Dan Meuser signed a pledge to run a positive campaign. The pledge was written and distributed by the Northeast Caucus of the Republican State Committee of Pennsylvania. (Click here to view the Pledge)
“I want to thank Chairman Matthew Brann and all the well respected county chairs that put this pledge together,” Meuser said. “Unfortunately, my opponent in this campaign has already resorted to negative attacks, but I am hopeful the urging of local Republican Party leaders will convince him to reconsider his tactics.”
“I signed this pledge to run a positive campaign for three reasons: It’s the right thing to do and people of our area want to see it; it is in the best interest of the Republican Party; and it will give us the best chance to defeat Chris Carney and take back this seat. Thus far, my opponent has attempted to bring this primary down to the level of Clinton and Obama primary tactics. I hope he’ll join me in keeping this campaign focused on the issues that matter to the 10th District.”
The pledge would ban negative advertising from both the principle campaign group of each candidate as well as third party groups who support the candidates. We also pledge to defend ourselves if the other candidate launches negative attacks.
Campaign Manager Eric Wallace said that the campaign would do everything possible to keep to the pledge and noted that every time Hackett has attacked Dan, it has backfired.
In recent weeks Hackett has been forced to admit that he hired illegal aliens both at his business and in his home, the latter of which he did not pay Social Security and Medicare taxes and he has refused to release payroll records or the last name of the illegal so an outside source can verify his account. (Hackett Had Illegals Working IN His Home; Times Leader, March 27)
Hackett also was caught “exaggerating” his role of recruiting a company to the area when the CFO of the company, 3CI, said that not only had Hackett not had anything to do with their decision to relocate here but that he terminated his company because he was dissatisfied with their service. Hackett has spoke about recruiting this company for months on the campaign trail. (The Daily Item, 3/21/08)
Hackett has attacked Dan Meuser’s record at Pride Mobility but it came to light in the last few days that Chris Hackett is currently being sued in federal court for questionable business practices. (US District Court of New Jersey, Civil Docket #1-06-cv-03951-RBK-JS)
Hackett has given 80% of his political contributions to Democrats, of which thousands of dollars went to Luzerne County Democrats and resulted in an over $700,000 pay to play, no bid contract. (Times Leader, 1/12/06) “Chris Hackett should be very careful before engaging in a negative campaign,” Campaign Manager Eric Wallace said. “Chris Hackett has a record of hypocrisy including hiring illegal aliens in his home, making up his record on job recruitment, donating to Democrats and receiving county contracts as well as currently being sued in federal court for questionable business practices. As Dan has stated time and time again, he wants to run a positive campaign but forced to he will vigorously defend himself. Given these examples of Hackett’s hypocrisies and even more additional troubling material, we will have plenty of issues to do so with.”
“As the final three weeks of the campaign unfold we will present our plans for growing the economy, protecting Social Security and bringing much needed infrastructure/transportation improvements to Northeast and Central Pennsylvania because that is what really is at stake on April 22nd” Meuser said.
“It will be very harmful to the Republican Party’s ability to gain this seat if Hackett continues his attacks and forces us to respond with this long list of hypocrisy,” Wallace stated. “By signing this pledge as Dan has, it will be a clear sign that we can get back to the issues and we urge Chris Hackett to listen to our party’s leaders and sign and abide by this pledge.”

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Scott said...

Just out of curiosity, I went to wikipedia to see how it defined "negative campaigning" .

It says: "One common negative campaigning tactic is attacking the other side for running a negative campaign."

Using that definition, Dan Meuser has already broken his own pledge while announcing that he signed it!!!!!

Haven't seen that kind of brazenness since the Clintons!

Zen said...

when did wikipedia ever mean anything?

Anonymous said...

What will Hackett do??? Well, he'll run another negative ad like he did today.
They are just embarrassing themselves at this point.

kar said...

Zen you've arrived Scot is posting on your blog, I'll just cut & paste one of my responses to him from Grassroots.

Scott, one can only hope that when Hackett & Maderia slink away you’ll go along as well.

Hackett, when the reality of losing settled in, threw evrything at Meuser but the kitchen sink. Recycling news stories and other public information as if they were breaking news.

Scott, one thing I know about people in the 10th is that we can spot, or should I say smell, a phony from a mile away.

Hackett has revealed himself not only as a phony, but also a hypocrite. Not surprising considering who he has advising him. Scott no whispering here, Hackett “paid to play” with Skrep in Luzerne County. Luzerne County the same county awash with no-bid contracts & sweetheart deals, seems Chris was right in there with the rest of the slugs, walking away with 700k.

The same Hackett who sponsored the Kirby Center visit by Vincente Fox. You remember that one don’t you Scott? That’s the one where Hackett went outside to “protest” while his invited and paid guest trashed the United States.

To further insult our intelligence this genius Hackett had an illegal cleaning his toilets while he “protested” Fox’s visit…give us all a break.

Oh and let’s not forget his border line lies about bringing C3i to the area, would almost be amusing if it weren’t so pathetic, it took a letter from the company’s CFO to getHackett to stop taking credit for it. I guess we should be happy that it didn’t take a restraining order.

Go home Scott, take your toys and your ideas and start your own party, that’s your ultimate goal isn’t it?

Those of us who live on Main Street want to win elections and bring about change.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Surprise, surprise to find KAR on this blog spewing his garbage! If one thing is for certain in this race, is I can't wait for the end to be free of your lies and endless ass kissing. Really, you and Dan should get a room when this is all over. At least on this blog you drop your bothersome Ciaos.

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