Friday, February 1, 2008

What is the difference between this guy and Hyder?

From The Times Leader
WILKES-BARRE – A former maintenance director at Penn State Wilkes-Barre waived his right to a preliminary hearing in Central Court on Thursday in connection with the misuse of a university-issued debit card for personal use.
Reese T. Smith, 46, of Stillwater, waived 234 counts of theft, 78 counts of access-device fraud and a single count of tampering with records to Luzerne County Court of Common Pleas.
University police charged Smith used the debit card to purchase items totaling $17,456 from March 2001 to November 2007, according to arrest records.

Amazing, this guy, over 6 years abuses his debit card to the tune of about $3k per year and is facing 312 criminal counts. Hyder can't even find receipts for more than that from one year. Not only is Hyder not being charged with anything, he keeps his job and gets a raise. If this doesn't make steam come out of your ears, you are either brain dead or a member of the infamous Luzerne County Liberal Democrat ruling class. Have you figured out the difference between Hyder and this guy? They are both criminals but one of them has very powerful friends to protect him.


Anonymous said...

it's not just hyder that fraudulently used a county debot card!!!

Anonymous said...

The difference between the PSU maintenance supervisor and the Luzerne County Asst. Warden missappropriation of funds is that one EMPLOYER has more integrity (PSU) than the other (Luzerne County Government). I'm not saying that Penn State is the best example of integrity - large spending without concern to tuition rates & constantly asking for more state funding, troubled athletes...

If Controller Petrilla claims she was unaware of the debit cards for a number of years, how did she reconcile the monthly bank/debit card statements????

Zen said...

Of course it's not just Hyder. He is the one who had the nerve to charge a lap dance on the damn thing. They should all be canned.