Wednesday, February 13, 2008

What went wrong???

What happened to this country that I love? We live in a nation that gives more rights to criminals than we do their victims. We live in a nation where school girls wear outfits that'd make a $10 hooker blush but it is wrong to pray in school. It is now cool to burn our nations flag but illegal to display a nativity scene on state property. We live in a nation where you're expected to sue someone for your own stupidity but not expected to defend your life or property from scumbags. We live in a nation where you can expect to be rewarded for not working and are penalized for being successful. We live in a nation that says it is okay to make your living through corruption and graft but chastises you for questioning it. (okay, I really meant that for the Luzerne County Courthouse). We live in a nation where personal responsibilty is an unknown concept. I listed only a handful of issues but hope you can grasp the concept.Where did we go wrong? When did it happen? Who is responsible? WE ALL ARE!!!!
The real question is, do you want your country back? I beg your thoughts.

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