Friday, February 1, 2008

Meet and Greets

Last week I went to Dan Meuser's event in Kingston. While I was there primarily to hear what he and the other speakers had to say, I was also there to see how he interacted with the crowd. I was fairly impressed that he gave everybody there some quality face time and answered even the most mundane questions. It didn't matter who you were or what you do for a living, he treated everyone the same. I know I don't have the patience for that. Well done Dan. If I may make a suggestion, you may want to post on your website the events you have coming up. The only way I knew about this past one was from the invitation in the mail.

I keep checking Hackett's website to see when he is having a similiar event. So far, the only thing on there is a petition signing party at his headquarters in Dallas on February 4th, I think. If anybody knows when he is having a meet and greet, please leave a comment here. I would like to attend one of his events as well. Just not one at his HQ.


Gort said...

Swiderski also has his events posted on his site. Meuser's site needs a makeover that includes his schedule and a list of his press releases. Rating the candidates websites I would say that Hacket's is the most useful with Swiderski a close second. Meuser and Haire need to add some more information.

David Madeira said...

Chris Hackett is having a Luz. Co. meet and greet at Grottos on Feb.11th at 7:00 PM - please come.

Zen said...

Gort, I agree.
david, which Grotto. Harveys Lake, Edwardsville, or the Mall?

David Madeira said...

Harveys Lake

Anonymous said...

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