Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The latest speech from uber leftie Obomba

Barrack Hussein Obama gave a speech at one of his rallies last night. The gist of the speech was that his first acts as President will be. Essentially he said he would repeal the tax cuts. In his words, We will take the tax cuts back from the wealthy and give it to Americans that deserve it most, the poor. hello douche, the poor don't pay income tax, how in the holy hell can you give them a tax cut?
Then he promises to provide universal healthcare. No mention of how he is going to pay for it. A very safe bet would be that middle and upper middle class taxpayers may notice a change in their take home pay. I doubt anybody that pays for it will think it was a good change.

He talked about the usual litany of socialist ideals. Mostly the old "it isn't fair that you don't make as much as the C.E.O. of your company. It's not your fault you dropped out of high school and push a broom and the C.E.O. has numerous degrees and works two to three times as many hours as you. You deserve the same pay! How farking patently ridiculous. It is obvious this tool has never worked in the private sector. Life isn't fair and the world needs ditch diggers too, get over it. How in the world do people actually fall for this line of shit?

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Anonymous said...

Truthfully, all of the candidates are missing the point. There are going to be many corporate villains to be pointed out in the next few months. Large amounts of wealth gained on its own isn't a bad thing. It is the basis of our entrepreneurial system.

This rhetoric occurs because many of the newly minted billionaires did so through fraud and misrepresentation. Bob Toll (TOL) sold off hundreds of millions in stock while talking up his company while lying about the financial health of his company. Angelo Mozillo (CFC) continued to push subprime loans to the masses knowing full well the paper being funded was garbage.

We don't need to "punish the rich", but heads must roll in order to maintain at least the illusion of achieving success if one works smart, works hard, and is ethical in his/her dealings.

Problem is that the government isn't letting the free market do its job on the way down as they were laissez-faire on the way up. Those who are left holding the bag should go broke. Those who were smart will pick up what's left of the good assets for pennies on the dollar for not acting greedy.

If the government bails out those guilty of moral hazard, it's no different economically than 1930's Germany.