Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Kevin the Pinko Lynn

If you haven't heard his show yet this week, allow me to sum it up. He has been harping on universal health care. He stated that because our life expectancy is lower than other countries that it must be due to not having socialized medicine. He bases this belief largely on Michael "America Sucks" Moore's movie Sicko. First, Mr. Pinko should remember that Moore is incapable of telling even the simplest truth. Secondly, he may want to take into account a few things; there is a segment of our population that tends to kill each other at very young ages. There is a segment of our population that kills themselves with drugs, poor diets, alcohol, etc, etc. Perhaps our life expectancy numbers are a little skewed.

He also has been portraying Dan Meuser and Pride Mobility as being the benefactors of corporate welfare because the majority of their products are paid for by Medicare. Never mind that the disabled and elderly deserve to be able to get around. The issue I take is that the pinko is all for socialized medicine except when it comes to Pride's products. Why? Because Meuser is a republican? Is it hatred for disabled and elderly people? Kevin, you can't have it both ways. Everybody that works pays into medicare, is it so wrong to ask for some benefit from that money? Is it so wrong that a local company makes products to help people and gasp, gasp, a profit doing so??


Anonymous said...

Kevin said he was a registered republican for 30 years.

Right Winger said...

Kevin use to be conservative. I remember years ago when he was on WARM. Anyway, I guess he feels he's "wiser" and he's saving the world now.
Good point on the universal healthcare unless it involves the disabled or anyone needing a product Meuser's company makes.
I wonder if Kevin can clear that up or is he just a typical liberal with no conviction?

Anonymous said...

Universal health care will never work here. It will die as soon as the old folks figure out that procedures such as heart surgeries will be rationed.

It works elsewhere only because we are paying the tab on research and innovation. If our current system was so bad, why do people from outside the country continue to use our hospitals?

A nationalized health care system will have the same result as LBJ's war on poverty. A lot of shouting occurs, but no net benefit results.

Anonymous said...

Universal health care, the polite term for socialized medicine doesn't truly work anywhere. Sure, routine appointments are free but the waiting list for surgery is in the years unless you are willing and able to pay for it out of your pocket. This is fact.