Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The recession and my fears

I've been very busy an unable to post as often as I'd like.
Does anybody out there doubt that we are already in a recession? It has been my experience that if you want to know the health of the economy you need to talk to only two groups of people. Builders and car dealers. When their businesses are off or in trouble, it is an excellent indication of where the economy is going. For some time now, both of those industries have been way off. The reason I use this a barometer is that people tend to buy vehicles and build houses when they have money and feel secure. I know their are foolish folks living above their means doing this but I am hoping they aren't the majority. The government just notices a problem now??? Typical.

The rescue package that every politician in DC is so proud of is a crock of shit!! People will use the money to pay bills. This will not inject any hard money into the economy. The major accomplishment of this "stimulus" package will be to just add more debt to the budget.

My real fear comes from a hard core liberal becoming president and repealing the tax cuts. Granted, I have saved some serious dough from them. I have also spent a great deal of the money on home improvements and other projects that I was putting off. This is the type of spending that stimulates the economy. My hiring contractors and subsequently them paying their employees who then buy things.......... get the picture? If people like me stop spending the economy stops.

Which of the candidates in the 10th and the 11th congressional districts will do what's best ofr us and the country? That is the $64,000 question. I can guarantee you that Carney and Kanjorski will do what is absolutely the worst job possible.
I am up in the air in the 10th but am leaning toward Meuser and obviously am all for Barletta in the 11th.


Anonymous said...

don't be afraid. for good or bad what will happen will happen and those who have inner strength will go on. our time on this earth is limited and living in fear destroys the gift of life.
instead of sitting on a computer and being afraid go out and live your life for we don't know what tomorrow holds and our time on earth maybe gone, it would be sad if you spent your time afraid.

Zen said...

Thanks for the comment. God bless.