Friday, February 15, 2008

Luzerne County, Home of the Despot

Can anyone actually believe the friggin unmitigated gall of the powers that be in the courthouse? It isn't just the commissioners but the judges too. What must Guesto have on all of them that they are willing to committ political suicide by giving him another job? Judge Ciavarella, say goodbye to being a judge. You will not be able to "skooch" your way out when it comes time for retention.

I rarely agree with anything Corbett has to say but I sincerely hope he keeps his word and continues to hammer these politicians. They say people in this county have a coal cracker mentality. I say it is time to prove them wrong. I say we vote out all incumbent county seats. I say the new administration goes through every employee's file. If they got their job through connections, so sad, too bad, you're fired!!! It is time to stop the corruption. It is time to stop the cronyism. It is time to elect leaders that not only listen to the people but actually follow the will of the people. If the new crop follows this current crop, boom, out they go. I say we repeat the process until we get good leadership in all county offices. By good, I mean moral, ethical, and honest. I think a provision of law needs to put in place that we can impeach any county officeholder and have them removed!! I think the law should state that they be replaced by the people voting not appointed by a shitheel governor.


Dick Murphy said...

The only problem here is when someone wants to run for Public office they can never get any backing. If John Q. Public tries to get on the ballot, Just about everyone shuns him and says he is some kind on NUT. I really dont know who you are but I'm sure you would say that he doesnt stant a chance. The new guy will only stant a chance if we support him.
I beilieve that the problem is that only about 40% of the people vote and of that 40% most of them are politically active and support there canidate, even though he is an A- hole. But the remaing 60% sit back and complain that they are always be screwed by the polticians. Well if the 60% go t off there A-- and people interested in what is happening in local government would support them then there might be a different outcome. But unfortunatleythe people interested in local politics wont suppot John Q POublic just another one of their friends who is a politician and whe will give them the same screwing with a different twist. How many people are supporting Tim Grier? Wyoming Valley--The Valley without a Backbone!

Anonymous said...

Are you the Dick Murphy that has wine appreciation classes?

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