Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Want to meet Michael Steele?

Aug. 25, 2009
Contact: Renita Fennick 208-4671 or 239-8851
WILKES-BARRE -- Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele will cut the ceremonial ribbon on Sept. 9 when the Luzerne County Republican Party holds a grand opening of its new permanent headquarters.
Steele, who was elected chairman of the national GOP in January, will meet with members of the newly formed ClubGOP during a private reception at approximately 2 p.m. After Steele’s visit, the celebration will be open to the public and the press.
The county party is moving into a permanent headquarters at 41 S. Main St., which will house the offices of Executive Director Renita Fennick, and Northeast Pennsylvania Regional Director Jon Hopcraft of the state GOP. It will provide a meeting and campaign area for local, county, state and federal candidates and will feature a 24-line phone bank to assist with campaign efforts.
ClubGOP is a grassroots organization established by the Luzerne County Republican Committee. Members who pay annual dues of $50 or more receive membership cards, a subscription to the GOP Newsletter, a discount to some events and invitations to club-only functions.
County Chairman Terry Casey said the club’s goal is to make the local Republican Party a true grassroots organization.
"This allows the people to own the party," Casey said. "This will truly make the Luzerne County Republican Party a party of the people."
In the past, Casey said, the misconception was that people had to be big donors to make a difference, pointing out that the annual membership fee is less than $5 a month.
"People thought that their $10 or $25 or $50 wasn’t important and nothing is further from the truth," Casey said. "This way, the average Republican can play a major role in supporting the party."
Casey said the Republican leadership recognizes that money isn’t everything and that not all registered Republicans would be willing or able to donate $50 to the cause which is why there are provisions for people to receive paid memberships by volunteering.
"A volunteer’s time is just as important," Casey said. "Volunteers who come in and work at headquarters, campaign with our candidates and man the phone banks will be recognized as members of ClubGOP with all of the benefits."
Membership dues will be used to pay the costs of keeping the headquarters open full time including salaries, rent, utilities, postage and other operating expenses.
Anyone interested in obtaining more information may e-mail or call headquarters at 570-208-4671.
Phone (570) 208-GOP1


Big Dan said...

You know how I'm always saying the "liberal media" isn't liberal? You better consider it's not. It's owned by 5 corporations (corporations aren't liberal)'s not pro-Democrat...that's the flaw in not entertaining the fact that it's not liberal...

The "liberal media" is OWNED by 5 corporations, wealthy people, etc...

Listen to what this former IRS agent says, they threw her in jail, pay attention on the one sentence she says about the "liberal media"...everyone better wake up:

Former IRS agent, Sherry Peel Jackson, was sentenced to serve four years in jail in February 2008. After finding out that the IRS is a giant scam, benefiting the ultra elite bankers who own the private Federal Reserve Bank, Mrs. Jackson began to do further research to educate others. What she did not know is that if you speak up in America, and have a credible background, then you're hunted down and thrown into the pit. But those jackal scumbags won't keep her down for long.

Her husband gave an update:

CONSIDER...look at the facts...they want EVERYONE to think the corporate-owned media is "liberal".

Why? So you don't look at the FACTS that it is owned by, speaks for: the wealthiest few you NEVER see in the media (David Rockefeller), corporations, and the military industrial complex...AND politicians from both parties that speak and work for them.

You'd fall flat on your face, if you tried to prove that the media is "liberal", there's no facts supporting it.

Watch this, too, it's short:

By "liberal media", I mean the mainstream, corporate-owned media. If you want to prove the media is liberal, start by finding out who OWNS the media, and check who they are and see if they're liberal. I don't think so. And good luck finding out exactly who OWNS it, their names, and the names of the people who schedule their infomercial people to be on TV, the "news", etc...

Big Dan said...

Ex IRS agent tells it like it is

Part I:

Part II:

Notice the part, that she asks if you're wondering why this isn't on TV or the media?

Big Dan said...

The first bailout was under Bush/Hank Paulson (another goldman sachs ceo, like Geithner is now):

Rep. Brad Sherman says Congress threatened with Martial Law if bill is not passed

Paulson threatened congress with Martial Law, if the first bankster bailout wasn't passed.

Big Dan said...

Keep an eye on this, JFK died 5 months after

Rep. Frank: House will pass Ron Paul’s ‘audit the Fed’ bill this year

On June 4, 1963, a virtually unknown Presidential decree, Executive Order 11110, was signed with the authority to basically strip the Federal Reserve Bank of its power to loan money to the United States Federal Government at interest. With the stroke of a pen, President Kennedy declared that the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank would soon be out of business”…5 months later JFK was shot.