Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Myth Behind Hybrid Cars and Chevy Volt

Our President wants you to believe that hybrid cars will not only save the planet but save you money as well. I will explain how that is just another gigantic lie coming from this administration. I will use two examples and base the math on gas at $2.65 per gallon, average miles per year of 12,000, Highway fuel economy from the EPA, and current MSRP and published price of the Volt.

Chevy Volt vs Honda Civic DX sedan auto trans
MSRP for Volt $40,000 Civic $16,925
Estimated fuel economy Volt 230/gal Civic 36
Fuel used per year Volt 52 gallons Civic 333
Fuel savings by driving Volt $745 per year
Number of years driving Volt to break even on added cost 31
That's right, you would need to drive the Volt for only 31 years to make up for the added price you paid for it. I know what you're thinking, nobody drives the same car for 31 years. What you should be thinking is that the battery pack in Hybrid vehicles is designed to last 5-7 years. Since I have no idea how much the Volt's batteries will cost but do know how much they are for a Toyota Prius ($5,000 dealer cost). Lets do the math again. Also, the Prius is much closer to the price of the Civic.
Toyota Prius vs Honda Civic DX Sedan. Both auto trans
Msrp Prius $23,300 Civic $16,925
Fuel economy Prius 45 mpg Civic 36
Fuel used per year Prius 266 gallons Civic 333
Fuel savings by driving Prius $177 per year
Number of years driving Prius to break even 36
Sure makes sense to me to drive those hybrids. How about you???


Hybrid Cars Improve Gas Mileage said...

It's definitely important to make sure you do your research before purchasing any new vehicle. For example, many hybrid suvs get lousy fuel economy when compared with some regular SUVs. Also, when it comes to cost, there are several hybrid tax credits and incentives out there that can make purchasing a hybrid more feasible for some drivers, depending on their circumstances. Also, comparing highway miles is a lost effort, because it's a well-known fact that most hybrids only benefit you greatly with your city mileage.

Personally, I'd like to see a return of the electric car.

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