Monday, August 10, 2009

My View on Obama's Health Plan and the State of the Union

As Pres. Obama continues to push for his vision of a health care utopia, I think it is important to understand a few key points. The Pres. says that there are 48 million people without health insurance in America and that is vital to get them covered as soon as possible. Who in their right mind could possibly be against that? Well, nobody, unless of course you look at a few things this administration would rather you not know;
1. That number includes 12 million illegal aliens. Yep, he wants us to pay for their insurance too.
2. That number includes between 8 and 10 million people that already qualify for government assistance for health care but have not signed up for it.
3. He claims that only 5% of Americans will be taxed to pay for this coverage. THAT IS A FLAT OUT LIE. Even his Treasury Secretary said that taxes will have to be raised on everybody just to pay for this administration's already $1.9 trillion deficit. ( more on this in a moment). Pres. Obama has already said that anybody that gets their health insurance from their employer will be taxed on that benefit. That sure as shit is a lot more than 5% of the population!! I wonder why he is lying so vociferously about this point? That's right, more class warfare bullshit that the left is so famous for.
4. Our government is incapable of running anything efficiently. As a matter of fact, the bureaucrats that run every government program will spend every penny in their budgets because they know if they don't, that budget will be cut next year as it is seen to be over funded. Show me one business that successfully runs with that model. You can't, because there isn't one.
5. If our President thinks this plan is so important, why doesn't he just tell the public the truth. Or better yet, ask them just one question; Would you be willing to pay for this plan? This lousy piece of government crap would sink faster than an anchor if he did and that's why he won't.

Now, let's talk about Obama's $1.9 trillion deficit. This is yet another glaring example of a government not being honest with the citizens. True enough, so far this year, Obama is running that far in the red. Unfortunately, what they aren't telling us is that it is actually far higher than that. You see, the income tax revenue is already off by 18% as of June 1st. That means the real deficit is already at $2.24 trillion and we are only in August!!! Kind of makes you nostalgic for Bush's RINO spending, doesn't it???
Now, let's factor in that Obama has a super majority in both houses. He will get his health care turd passed. Right off the bat, the deficit swells even further. Where will it end?? Nobody knows, but it won't be good for our country. The sad reality is that America's economy was once based on manufacturing. It is now based on the service sector. The difference that matters here is that when you manufacture goods and sell them to foreign markets, you bring outside money into the economy. That is why we pulled out of the last depression relatively quickly and why this one will continue for quite some time. I'm hoping about 3 and a half years if you know what I mean!!!

A last thought for you. Our form of government was set up to protect the few from the tyranny of the majority. I'm not sure exactly when or how it happened but now, the majority has become the victim of the tyranny of the minority. The biggest question I can think of is who will protect us now?

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