Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Chris Carney is a Blue Dog Democrat???

At least that is what he would like his constituents to believe. I heard him on WILK today. The only thing I got out of his slippery answers was that he will say anything to get re-elected.

Chris, why weren't you just honest when asked if you were for the public option health care?? You should've just told the audience the truth; That it would be political suicide for you to be for it. I do love how you left the window open for flipping on it though!!

When asked if members of congress should have to switch to Obama Cross he replied that he couldn't see why anybody wouldn't. Congrats Chris, that's the biggest fooking lie I have ever heard and I've heard some doozies. Like you or any member of congress would switch???

The second biggest lie he told this morning was in response to the question about what would stop businesses from simply opting to pay the 8% fee and stop offering health insurance to their employees. Cmdr. Carney said that he has investigated this and found that businesses only pay 5% of their payroll for health benefits so it would be cheaper for them to keep offering the insurance as a benefit. I have no idea what businesses he looked at but you could bet your ass that that company offers some off brand, low coverage, high deductible insurance. I have spoken with many other business owners and those of us that offer Blue Cross are paying a hell of a lot more than 5% of our payrolls for health bennies. I polled businesses with fewer than 20 employees and businesses with more than 100 and not one of us is paying only 5%. Dream on Chris!!

I also loved how he danced around the FACT that many doctors are reducing or flat refusing to take new medicare patients because the reimbursements are so low. The lefty responded that most doctors just want to help patients so he doesn't see why they wouldn't want to accept ridiculously low payments for their services. Ever hear of having a few hundred thousand dollars worth of student loans to pay back Chris? Ever realize that most people that go to college actually have to pay for it unlike Pres. Obama and his newest Supreme Court Justice?? Ever hear that if somebody devotes that much money and a minimum of seven years of their life to become a doctor is entitled to make an above average income?? Of course not, you live in a weird world where none of those things matter. Here on planet earth, they do with the exception of saints. Unfortunately the sinners (as your side sees them) vastly outnumber the saints!!


The Scranton Guardian said...

This is Carney's last term !!!

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