Thursday, August 13, 2009

Next week's news today

There I was on my way home from work and like a dope, I stopped at a yard sale. The only thing they had that I was interested in was a very nice crystal ball. Not that I believe in that kind of stuff but it was nice, so I bought it. When I got home I decided to clean it up to display it. Imagine my surprise when I looked into it and saw next week's headlines!!!

Rostock, Piazza, Adonizio, and Trombetta all arrested with a note that Vonderthief's arrest was emminent!!! Shocked I was!!! I can't wait to see if my crystal ball qas right.

Of course it helped my clairvoyance a bunch knowing that a truckload (literally) of construction records were seized today!!!!!!!!!


The Scranton Guardian said...

I hope your crystal ball is right.

victor said...

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Zen said...

I left out two or three as they aren't getting those shiny silver bracelets for a few weeks yet.

Anonymous said...

construction records were seized today from ????