Thursday, August 13, 2009

More Obamacare with a dash of Arlen Spector for taste

If Obamacare is so simple and only focused on a few things, why is the proposal 1,100 pages?
Seems like a lot of paper for a bill that is, as Pres. Obama says, going to provide for 1. Insurance cos. have to cover pre-existing conditions 2. they can't cancel you, and 3. Well, 3 varies depending on what day of the week it is and who he is addressing.

I have to wonder why that is. Seems to me you could pretty much cover that with a couple pages. Where is the transparency he promised? Why aren't they spelling out the exact specifics? The short answer they give is that they haven't hammered them all out yet. The true answer is they won't do that until it is too late.

Should we expect any different? Apparently not when newly minted but always was democrat, Arlen Spector says things like "These protesters at the town hall meeting aren't representative of all Americans". Arlen, we've been pals for years and that has got to be the dumbest thing that you've ever said. With 81-82% of Americans totally against Obama's plan, I'd say the protesters couldn't be more representative of John Q. I love that the left's wildest moonbats (read Pelosi and Reid) will stop at nothing until they pass this turd. They will be doing for the Republicans what George W. Bush did for the Democrats. If it weren't for the trillion dollars worth of damage it will do, I'd help them advance this idiocy!!! We'd probably get about 80 seats in the Senate!!!!!!!!!