Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Conahan and Ciavarella, is the fix in?

So the federal judge threw out their plea agreements. Theoretically, they are facing more time than the original 84 months. In reality, I would take wagers on a few things. One, I bet they get far less time than they originally faced. And two, a reasonable paraphrase of what the judge will say at their vastly reduced sentences will be something like this; "These men have shown tremendous remorse and we must not forget the many years of serving the community honorably before they were led astray. Therefore, I feel that 23 months (certainly no more than 3 years) will repay their debt to society." Any takers?


The Scranton Guardian said...

They should make them tell everything they know about political corruption in North Eastern Pennsylvania.

Anonymous said...

Bite your tongue!
I hope not, but there is that chance and with how deep the corruption is in the Commonwealth, it would never shock me. If they do get off easy, it will be because of the new US Attorney being appointed by Bob Casey, another one of the good ole boyz.