Monday, August 24, 2009

Voter Qualifications

I posed the question if 18 years old was enough of a qualification to vote. It seems others feel as I do that by itself, does not mean you are qualified to vote. Some have suggested a mandatory test on knowledge of civics as a way to determine if you are smart enough to vote. The problem with that is that such a small percentage of people would pass such a test that we'd have more problems then than we have now.

The other problem with that is that unfortunately, we still have people that are illiterate and wouldn't be able to even take the test.

I think I have a far more simple solution. You must file a tax return to be able to vote. If you do not have to file a tax return for whatever reason, you must prove that you are exempt from filing. Full time students that don't work would be an example. All those people would have to do is submit their info to the IRS and get a card. Everybody else gets a card back from the IRS when their return is accepted. Regardless of whether you paid a gazillion dollars in taxes or got more back than you had withheld, you would have the privilege to vote. However, if you are enjoying the vast benefits of living in this country while living off the grid, you don't!!

The reason I suggest this is equally simple. If you are not part of the system, I think you should have absolutely zero say in any part of the system. You should have no benefit from the system whatsoever.

Your thoughts are welcomed!!

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