Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Obama and Hackett

Obama gets nominated, yippee. I cannot wait to see what happens if he is elected. A democrat controlled White House, Senate, and Congress. Who will they blame when things go from bad (as it is now) to dramatically worse?? Raising taxes on the people that drive the economy? Yep, that will be sure to help. Radically increasing spending on top of a vastly bloated budget? Yep, that will really put our country in good shape. Having the government in charge of our health care? Outstanding. Radical tax increases on corporate profits? Not a chance that will increase consumers costs. Having palavers with terrorists and terror sponsoring nations in hopes they'll start to like us? No doubt that'll end well. What a complete load of shit!!!!

Chris Hackett listed his campaign points in the local papers today. Suspiciously absent was number 11. I saw the rough draft. Number 11. read "I promise to stop being a mud slinging douche bag."


NEPAConseravtive said...

I like your new category "We are screwed"...sadly enough I think you're right.

What's up with the disdain for Chris Hacket ? No good ? I'm not in that neck of the woods so I didn't follow too closely.

Zen said...

He ran an old school mudslinging campaign that I and many like me are sick of. The shame is, I was friends with him.