Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The local Obama Group sent me a letter

They feel that certain WILK personalities may be unfair to their candidate. I will not mention the Hillary show but I think you know that is who they are talking about. They sent me a sample complaint letter they drew up. It said to feel free to revise it. So, I did!!! You can copy and paste it if you want to send it to WILK. The address to send it to is:

Dear Nancy Kman,
As a local resident and concerned citizen, I am contacting you because I believe that WILK is unfairly encouraging stupidity and falsehoods during our current presidential campaign season.

Your morning talk show host, Kevin "Pinko" Lynn, is entitled to support any candidate he wishes. However, in my opinion Kevin is a blithering idiot. He is inaccurate and negative regarding anything good for America in a region of the country that is known for voting for douche bags. Pretty much every day Kevin is on the air he manages to come off as a complete socialist tool. He does not allow callers with a dissenting view from his to fully communicate their opinion. After their call is over, like the leftist coward he is, Kevin will make several minutes of disparaging remarks about that caller.
This is not fair, responsible or ethical broadcast journalism.
We live in an area that needs more reliable information about the policies of all candidates, not more rumors and false allegations about them. I hold WILK Radio and Entercom Communications responsible for any deliberate falsehoods and smears that Kevin makes, or encourages others to make, on his program.

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