Monday, June 9, 2008

Why hasn't anybody asked the question?

As everybody in good old NEPA is aware, Luzerne County has had our first reassessment since 1965. Granted, it was long overdo but I have yet to hear or read any news story that asked what they are going to do with the massive influx of tax dollars. Let's face facts, older homes outnumber newer homes by a very large margin in Luzerne County. That means that the vast majority of homeowners are going to see a dramatic increase in their assessment. Hence a dramatic increase in the tax base. Where is that money going to go? Where is the tax abatement from the casinos? How will older (read retired) people on a fixed income come up with the dough to pay? I know what you're thinking. Those people have been paying very little for a long time. That does not answer the question though. Will Luzerne County and the various school districts lower the tax rate because they now have a vastly higher tax base? If you think so, you are either a child or incredibly naive. They will find a way to spend it all. That is what governments and their agencies do.

I live in a home I built 12 years ago. I have been paying close to $4,000 per year in property tax for these past 12 years. My reassessment is due to be mailed this week and I am preparing myself to assume the position. I suggest you all do the same.


NEPAConseravtive said...

I was paying 4,000 now I'm paying 5,400, my house is 2 years old and was assesed then...I guess they are allowed to change their minds ? My property value went up astronomically. We need to start a local citizens against government waste group. Ride these SOB's out of town !!!

Zen said...

Say when and where. These cornwads that we have in office need to go!