Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Times Leader and Mayor Lou

Today, in the TL, it was reported that Lou Barletta has an excellent chance of beating Kanjo in the 11TH. I should hope so. Kanjo has proven time and again that he is a liar and a thief of tax dollars. I hope Mayor Lou runs a Hackett style hatchet job on Kanjo. Bring it all to light Lou. All the tax money Kanjo gave to his family including the recent $3,000,000. to nephew Russ out in Colorado. Bring his comments about the democrats in office being a collective lying machine to the forefront. Ask the dude that posted that excellent video of Kanjo on youtube if you can just use that as a campaign ad. Think of the production costs you'll save!! I know you will need a 72 mile long clothesline to air Kanjo's dirty laundry, but by God, I hope you'll do it.


Anonymous said...

GO LOU!!!!!!!!!!

NEPAConseravtive said...

It's still too close 45% "other person" to 42% for Kanjorski. What does other person mean ? Who the hell are the 42% of dipshitz that are ok with our corrupt congressman ?!?! 11% are undecided...why ? Kanjorski still has a chance and Lou needs to deliver the knock out punch.

How about the story right above it, Dump the pump on Thursday...yeah that'll teach them a lesson Paul. Don't pump gas for 1 day....Idiot !