Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Corbett is not a liberal

In the words of the younger generation; omg, lol, is he fn kdn me? What a crock. The topics between yesterday and today were open carry laws and the smoking ban. What did this non-liberal advocate???? Ban them both. Nobody should carry a gun and nobody should smoke. Well, in a perfect world, nobody should smoke. As for carrying a firearm, out in the open, I personally don't, but it is legal. As for smoking, I personally do smoke, and it was legal. Corbett, the non-liberal, wants both banned. Do we still have any choices left in America? Do whackers like Corbett decide our choices? Should anybody but you decide your choices??????

Corbett said that he is for banning things that are harmful. My question is, where do you draw the line? The difference between a liberal and conservative (in their truest definitions) is really just that conservatives believe in personal responsibility and liberals believe that the government should decide what is best for you. I am am over 21 (by a lot) and think that whatever risky habits I may have are my business. I think that my future is in my hands and will be what I make of it. I think that as an adult, I am responsible for the choices I make. Maybe the liberals are right. Maybe they should make all of our choices for us. I pray that they are wrong.

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JediMaster9780 said...

I think that with guns we should have better regulations to ensure guns do not fall into the hands of children or those who should not be carrying them. I don't have a problem with a lawful citizen with a permit carrying a gun in public. They should be barred from carrying it in a school and churches. Let private businesses decide if they want to allow customers to carry firearms, I'm sure most would say no.

I'm against the smoking ban. I support banning it on playgrounds, near schools etc. Basically anywhere on public property where there will be plenty of kids. They shouldn't be exposed to that.

What I am really against is the government telling a private business that they cannot accommodate smokers. The ban should not affect private businesses of any sort.