Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Republican shambles in Luzerne County

At a time when we need to close ranks and come out in force we have the same fractious bullshit that consistantly prevents us from taking control. I read several other blogs and cannot believe that the attack dogs are already running free. The worst part of this is that the dogs are supposedly Republicans. Some of the slime that has been written is in fact total bs. I googled Pride for sexual harassment suits and found nothing. I did find the chair that caught fire lawsuit. If anybody can find a link to harassment lawsuits, please feel free to post it. As far as Hackett winning the wedding lottery and getting that business for free, again, total crap. I know Chris and the business he took over from his father in law doesn't even bear a passing resembalance to the business he runs today. He grew that to the behemoth it is today. Not his father in law!!!! As for Sweeney, he isn't even a real Republican. He switched parties fairly recently. Mr. Swiderski's bankruptcy has nothing to do with whether or not he can or should win. Nothing, nada, zero, zilch!!!! As for the other couple guys running, nobody has heard of them. They are not viable candidates.

Like it or not, to unseat Carney will take a lot of money. As I have previously stated, we realistically have only 2 guys that can raise the coin needed to get the job done. If you want to be represented by the left coast's lap dog, that's your choice. I don't. The very nature of our party in Luzerne county is to divide into cliques. I know, I've gone to party meetings. Those meetings are a joke!! The clique that runs them neither wants nor takes ideas from those outside of their insider group. Is it any wonder why we're always an also ran in this county?? Cliques are for high school folks, not for adults. When our field is finally narrowed down I hope we can pull our heads out of our collective asses long enough to win back the 10Th. Maybe, just maybe, after we accomplish that we can take back our county.

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