Thursday, January 17, 2008

I saw the ads

Having just watched Hackett's and Meuser's ads on youtube, I felt a comment or two was warranted.

Both ads were well done with a message I can certainly agree with. I feel Hackett is being a little dishonest claiming he created hundreds of jobs. He runs a temp agency. For those slow on the uptake, that means is a middleman between companies needing slots filled and people who desperately need a job. Who created the job????? The other thing I am tired of hearing from our Republican politicians is " I'm more conservative than the other guy". Chris, please drop the line "Conservative Republican for Congress". It's bad enough when our presidential candidates sound like 10 year olds bickering, we don't need that in the 10Th. That being said, I liked his message and agree with the basic sentiment.

Meuser's ad was an all around good first ad. I liked the message and agree with the basic sentiment. On a side note, he may want to tone down that smile a bit, I was nearly blinded.

Now we'll see if the "also running guys" can truly compete. I predict a lot of money is going to be spent narrowing the field. Then again, the two front runners appear to have war chests that would choke a crocodile. The best thing the also running guys can accomplish is to get out of the way. Money spent narrowing the field is a must but could probably be put to better use in the general election.


Bob Kelly said...

You're dead on about Hackett. He didn't "create" anything. He's kind of like a pimp. Hmmmmm. I kind of like that.

Anonymous said...

and mueser was like a john, paying democratic congress folk for their services

Anonymous said...

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