Saturday, January 19, 2008

A lot going on

Sweeney finally figured out that he had the proverbial snowball's chance and dropped out. Smart move Vinny, and remember, Zen said it would be like this!

It appears Obama Bin Racecard and Billary have kissed and made up. They also agreed to quit playing the racecard. I think that'll last a week or two and they'll be back to arguing which of them is more in tune with "plight" of African-Americans. The reality is neither have a clue what it is like to be poor or black. What they have a clue about is how to spin and say what they think will garner the support of limo-liberals, the Hollywood elite, eyc, etc, ad nauseum to raise even more money and to further the class warfare they need to keep the masses in the dark about how wealthy they really are.

It seems the shenanigans in Luzerne County won't be stopping any time soon. I truly don't get it. The power elite of the Democrat Machine are all caught with both hands in the cookie jar and still they refuse to straighten up and fly right. Listen long and hard County Officials; we are all watching, we are all disgusted. Your continuing abuse of both office and power reads like a fifth rate political intrigue novel. I'll take guess or two as to your next ingenious moves. Hmmm, next controller, Augie Piazza or Wil "Sue the City" Toole. You will do your best to intimidate Mr. Grier (sp?). You will continue to ignore the debit card debacle in hopes that it will go away. It won't. If for no other reason than avoiding another scandal, will you jerks please try to do what is in the interest of the people. If you can't do that, please be honest and do the right thing. Like that'll ever happen.

The President announces an economic stimulus package and who scampers out from his master's legs, yep, Carney. What did Mr. Lapdog have to say, he parroted Pelosi. What a complete and utter tool. The same goes for Kanjo. I cannot wait for Mayor Lou to take a buggy whip to Kanjo's arse in an election. On the bright side, our front runners for the 10TH Congressional District both had great comments about the President's plan in the paper!!! Way to go gentlemen.

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