Thursday, January 24, 2008

A conversation about the fall of an empire

In an e mail exchange with a friend, he wrote that he had no intention of voting this year. When I asked why he wrote "This country and both parties in Washington are Fubar. The Roman Empire is falling – Mark my words, in less than 10 years we will no longer be a power in the World. Sorry to say but true."

It really upset me that someone I've known for many years, someone I respect very much, thinks it is too late for our country. This man is intelligent, hard working, and honest. He is probably one of the nicest people I know and is among the most successful. Holding the world by the balls and still he feels this way. The truth is, I feel that way too and that belief is one of the primary reasons I rant here.

In response to what he wrote, I sent this to him"Our country has fallen on incredibly bad times. Morals and ethics no longer have a place in DC. Our political leaders from both parties are way out of touch with their constituents. They govern by public opinion taken from some asshole polling service. It still isn't too late. We need true conservatives back in power. I really and truly don't give a shit what party they come from. JUST BE CONSERVATIVE!!! We need less government, not more. And we sure as shit need less spending and lower taxes. If things stay the way they are with wide valve douche nozzles running our government, you are right. Our country will collapse under the weight of their hubris."

As I write this I can't help but think that it is not just the politicians in DC. Look at Luzerne County and the joke that is supposed to be our county government. They allow Guesto to resign so he can take another county job for even more money??? You farkin crackpot commissioners have balls bigger the planet. You are SCUM!!!!! I wouldn't piss on any of you to put you out if you were on fire. How many other cronies are you going to give a pass to? My guess is all of them. The real shame is that you'll probably get voted back in anyway. You see when people believe there is no hope for change, they give up. They vote for you because they believe it doesn't matter who they vote for. We've come to expect our political leaders to screw us blind. We no longer hold them to any standard of moral or ethical decency. This will be the fall of our country!

You need to meet the people you are going to vote for. Talk to them. Do their positions resemble what matters to you? After talking to them, go with your gut, if you think they're slimy now, they'll be worse when they're in power. All of the candidates running for office have meet and greet events, please take an hour or two of television time and actually go see them face to face. We have never needed a change for the better than we do right now.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, Urban proved to be the true coward yesterday. He called them (the debit card crew) all out when Tucker was the Commissioner knowing full well Tucker would side with Skrep. But, when he had the chance to make a motion yesterday that they all be fired, he didn't put Petrilla on the spot. Punk.

Zen said...

Thanks for the comment. Our county comms are birds of a feather, vultures. They need to be booted out of office.