Wednesday, April 29, 2009

More Fun and Games in Luzerne County

Recently, we've been treated to the stories of corruption at our schools. While it is nice to actually read about the perpetrators getting caught, it amazes me that it is entirely possible to find out more about this crap by just going out to a pub and chatting with people. I know you want an example, so I'll give you two.

All the local papers have been talking about Intellacom's business dealings with Pittston Area and LCCC. It has been reported that Intellacom, owned by Tony Trombetta, was given hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of no bid contracts by Ross Scarantino. What hasn't been reported is that Scarantino's buddy Brian Dunn also hired Intellacom to put in security cameras at WB Career and Tech School. I heard the contract was worth over $600k. How'd the newspapers miss that? Did the FBI miss it too?

Another little bird tweeted to me that a certain local business has a virtual monopoly on selling pizza to almost every single local school district (oddly enough, WB Career and Tech isn't one of them). While that in and of itself doesn't mean anything fishy is going on, it should be looked into. I am always curious as to how one business manages to tie up a large amount of taxpayer dollars and seemingly has no competition and doesn't have to bid to get the contract.

I'll let you know when more filth comes bubbling out.

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