Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Obama's World Tour

This was a first for me. I've never seen the leader of any country do what our glorious chairman did. He spent his entire trip apologizing for America and just how bad of a member of the world community we are. Unfooking believable!!!!

Even despots from third world shit holes do not do that. What exactly Chairman Zero feels America should apologize for eludes me. America is the greatest nation on earth in every way that matters. Without America, there is no world economy, no stability, nothing, nada, el zilcho. Do we now apologize for being great? Is that it? I think not Mr. Obama.


Anonymous said...

I just saw a Walter Griffith political sign. For exactly which office is he running? The sign didn't say.

Zen said...

he is running for three that I know of.
Home Rule Study
and School Board

Anonymous said...

I am trying to get tickets for the:

2009: Stop Apologizing for America Tour.

I can't wait for another year when the tour comes to America.
Can Anyone help me.

Yankee Doodle

Anonymous said...

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