Friday, May 1, 2009

Bob Madeira,er I mean Sypniewski for Controller

The first thing he should learn to control is his mouth. Last night I was at a meet the candidates event at Republican Party HQ on the square. There was a decent turnout and all the Rep. candidates for county office were there as well as a number of democrat candidates.

Every single person spoke well and about the issues save one, Bobby. Of course after the way he embarassed himself last night maybe he should change that to Booby. You see Bobby found that speaking about the issues must be a mistake so he went a completely different route. He went on the attack. This isn't any kind of surprise, he is after all a protege of Dave Madeira and a Club for Growth acolyte. There is only one page in their playbook. That play is to go dirty early and stay there.

I know you're all curious about the attack. So I'll sum up what Booby said. He said "You see all these lawyers here, all dressed up and looking so successful, just remeber they have a devious heart and they are crawling all over the courthouse." He then accused Nanda Palissery of being part of the corruption. He flapped his gums for a bit longer and then Nanda asked for 10 seconds for a rebuttal and told Bobby that he didn't have a devious heart and was offended by the stream of shit that flew from Booby's mouth. (actually, he didn't put it that way, but should have). Bobby got mad at that and just kept getting louder and louder denying that he said lawyers have a devious heart when a room full of people just heard him loud and clear. Hey Bob, did you look around that room? There were at least 10 lawyers in the audience. Smooth move, exlax!!

It did bring a few questions to mind. Bob, why are you only attacking Nanda? Is he the only candidate you feel you have to beat? I got news for you, Walter G. has far better name recognition than Nanda P. I sincerely hope it isn't bigotry but let's face facts, this is the second time you have tried out your mudslinging with only one target. Maybe you can explain your reasons for your behavior. Suffice to say, you can write off any support from anybody that was there last night.

One last thing Bob. Calling people and asking them if you sounded like a tremendous douchebag kind of confirms that you are one. I do hope you call every lawyer that was present last night and apologize but you really should call Corbett and publicly apologize to Mr. Palissery. Do I think you'll man up and do the right thing? Of course not, that's not in the Club for Growth's playbook.


Anonymous said...

sounds like madeira is teaching bob the same things he taught hackett

Anonymous said...

I was at this and think Nanda's response was very polite and on target to Bob's insults. It was hard to hear Nanda though because Bob just kept shouting over him. That young man needs some valium.

Anonymous said...

I was there last night and Bob was way out of line and came off as a rude little boy with anger issues. Maybe that's a byproduct of not getting enough attention from his parents. Can't blame them though, Bob said he is one of 16 kids.

You bring up a valid point about him only going after Palissery. Why only him? If I was Walter Griffith or Alice Coffman I'd be offended for being left out.

Everybody knows and tells lawyer jokes, even lawyers, but to make a blanket statement that all lawyers have devious hearts and are all involved with the corruption in the courthouse is at best slanderous.
Thomas K.

Ned from Nanticoke said...

His name is spelled Sy"penis"ki.

Zen said...

Ned, that's uncalled for but since it made me giggle I'll leave it.

Alice from Ashley said...

If everyone is making such a big deal about specter, why doesn't anyone care that Brominski hopped the fence to the republican side just to make teh controller race??

Anonymous said...

Hey Zen: If you can call the idiot a douchebag, Ned can call him a penis.

Anonymous said...

I happen to know Nanda. In my experience Nanda is a pretty straight shooter. No pretext what so ever.
As for Booby well actions speak louder than words and in this case both are loud and clear. He is a product of what has given Luzerne county such good name of late.

Anonymous said...


Since you were at this event, did you go up to Bobby and ask him why he said this. Also, you hammer him for stepping up against the lawers that have pleasd guilty to corruption when in fact i have read your blogs and you hammer the same people but this guy is a douchebag. I will wait and read your insults for my comments

Donna said...

Hey Zen,

You sound like you are a Nanda Supporter. That's ok but remember how many attorneys plead guilty in the courthouse? I was there the night of the event as well. Why don't you state the truth. Bobby or Booby or Sy"penis"wski as you call him, said the attys of this courhouse have a devious heart, never said that the attys in the room had one. The only people offended were attys and any supports of them. Fact is Sypniewski challenged Nanda to state why he gave political donations to one the Corrupt Judges. Stick to the facts

Zen said...
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Zen said...

to anon 1:05 and Donna,

anon, no I didn't walk up and talk to Bobby as he was frothing at the mouth and extremely angry. as for insulting you, I'll pass as I generally don't pick the low hanging fruit.

Donna, one of us isn't telling the truth and it isn't me. I was out and saw Walter G. last night and asked his take and to repeat what Bobby said to the group that was gathered and his version matched mine exactly. I had the same conversation with Dick Hughes with the same result. Your version is about as far from what he said as is possible.

I did call Bob "Booby", the penis joke was from a commenter.

I sat with Mike Pendolphi and Alice Coffman. For the record, the only two people I think that are running for controller that are qualified are Nanda and Alice.

Bob challenged Nanda as to why he gave a donation to Conahan which in fact isn't true. After hearing Bob's first mudslinging session I looked it up. Nanda is not on any of Conahan's campaign finance reports. I suggest you heed your own advice and stick to the facts.

Donna, you sound like you're related to Bob and that's fine but it doesn't mean you have to believe everything he says.

Thank you both for the comments.

May 3, 2009 4:51 PM

Donna said...


I an not related to Bobby and I would have you look at the times leader article that was on the front page about 1.5 months ago and look at the list of names of atty's, you will see clearly Nanda's name along with many other atty's that gave to both judges. For the record I was at the event and Like I said the only people that were offended by his remarks were atty's and supporters of Nanda. Are you saying sorry for the write up on Atty Brian Dunn, How about your articles on Atty Civerilla, Atty Jill Moran, Atty Conahan, need i say more. You heard Dick Hughes talk about the Corruption with the Judges and Mike Pendolphi spoke on that subject, Is this a double standard. Becasue Bobby is not an attorney he can't comment on the same corruption that all the other candidates do. You really got your point across.

Anonymous said...

What do you base your facts on that would help you determine that NAnda P is qualified to be Controller ? I feel he is not qualified because he is not aware of the job the Controller is required to perform. He stated that the Controller is involved in contract reviewing and legal items and that is so far from the actual duties that it isnt funny. Itts no wonder he feels he doesnt have to be there "Full Time" if he feels this is the extent of the Controllers Office. We need someone that is at least able to devote the time to be a true leader of the office and answer important questions from the staff when they are asked, and not have to contact the Controller by way of a cell phone and iterrupt a court hearing because Nanda is at a Court somewhere doing his real "Full Time" job. Nanda is not qualified to be a Controller but more qualified to be "one of the same" that we currently have in the Courthouse right now. Remember Jill Moran????

Zen said...

Donna, everybody that spoke mentioned the corruption. The only person that just had to sling mud was Bob S. Nanda never gave a penny to Conahan.

If Bobby was so sure of himself and that he thought nobody was offended, why did he call Carolee and ask her how bad he sounded? Why did he ask her what he should do to make up for being an intractable ass? Think I'm lying? Ask Bob about that phone call.

Jill Moran, Conahan, Ciavarella, Dunn, et al are all part of a group. The most striking thing they have in common is that to a person, they are all democrats, not that they are lawyers.

Worse for Bobby is the group that he supports and is supporting him, the Club for Growth. If ever there was a misnamed group it is them. Through their efforts, they've managed to shrink the Republican party by 200,000 voters in Pa. alone. That is a fact!

Zen said...

anon 9:19,
Do you really think that the Controller isn't responsible for reviewing contracts?

Not to sound like a lawyer as according to Bobby, that would mean I have a devious heart and am involved in the corruption in this county, but your honor, I offer exhibit A; The lease agreement for Zola's office space.
Nobody in the county knows the term of the lease. Nobody knows how they came to that value to pay for the lease. Etc. A lawyer sure would be able to do that.
Secondly, Nanda is a mathematical whiz and not to put to fine of a point on it but calculus is a lot harder than addition and subtraction.