Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Stick a fork in him, he's Dunn

The first of our local school board members has been arrested. Brian Dunn got pinched yesterday for selling jobs and contracts. I heard a rumor that Mr. Dunn was actually stupid enough to take a check for some of his kickbacks. That kind of dumb just can't be fixed. I hope he hasn't reproduced!

Arguably, the worst kept secret in the world is that NEPA is a pay to play haven. You want a teaching job? You better be related to a board member or have a bag of money. Want to do business with the county or a school district? Same rules apply. Look up FR Wholesale for a good example. You have to ask yourself just one question; "Why does somebody spend $20-50,000. to win an election to an unpaid position?"

On my pal Gort42's blog he posted that he heard the going rate was $4,000. to get a teaching position. I have heard that it is double that. We all know what it costs to get to run a juvie center for the county, $2.6 million. Truth be told though, that's the only amount we know so far. I continue to wonder if guaranteeing placements was worth that, how much was it worth to participants 1 and 2 to get the county to sign a lease for $58 million when we could've owned the facility for $8-9 million. To the FBI, just a hint, but maybe you should take a look at that. I heard the Cayman Islands are beautiful this time of year.

Speaking of questionable leases, how about District Justice Zola's office space in Hazleton? The guy leasing the space got all the money back that he paid for the property in just 2 years. I have quite a few friends that lease commercial property and they all say the norm is a minimum of 8 to 10 years. Just how did they decide what was a fair rate for that property? I guess it helps when you're friends with the District Justice and certain county commissioners. Did I mention that Zola is a democrat and that he's running for Luzerne County Judge? Wasn't there a song called "Things That Make You go Hmmmm?????

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