Monday, April 6, 2009

Yet Even More Luzerne County Corruption

Nobody from the courthouse can explain why certain properties are left off the sheriff's sale list. Mr. Jabers, owner of the Saber Room and about 20 other properties in the county, is the latest big name democrat to see himself in the news. He only owes $140,000 in back taxes and has been delinquent since 2004. The sheriff is supposed to auction off your property once you are two years behind on your taxes.

Like many other super dems, Jabers has been getting a pass every year for five years. Must be nice to be a powerful democrat in Luzerne County!!!!

The Citizens Voice has a very nice article about it today. My favorite part? Every single big shot dem in the courthouse says that somebody higher up asks for these tax scofflaws properties to be taken from the auction list but they just don't know who it is. I say horse shit, they all know.


MAS1916 said...

This applies nationally too. Democrats don't pay taxes! Taxes of any kind are for little people and Republicans.

Geithner can't find anyone to fill appointed positions at Treasury because every single one he has looked at is a tax cheat like him! Obama won't risk taking another tax cheat up to the Hill.

Anonymous said...

....and once again and this guy is only a private buisness man not a school board director or a court official....some of there political affiliates are receiving favors?? who couldve figured....listen we have a story that must be told!! i need to know how to bring my case i am not a luzerne county residant and we dont do things like that where we come from and i am not going to allow what is affecting my daughter to continue....who do i contact to expose these people???...Mr E