Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Luzerne County Republican Endorsements

For Judge: Hughes and Pendolphi. Not much of a surprise as they are the only two Republicans running.

For Prothonotary: Carolee Oleginski. This was a small surprise. I really liked Walter Mitchell and thought he'd have done a good job for us. Yes, I dropped her ex-husbands name from this intentionally. She has been divorced from Charlie for decades and it is high time she moves on with her life and stops using his name.

For Controller: Nanda Palissery. Not a surprise at all and far and away the most qualified candidate for the job.

For Register of Wills: Nevenglosky.

The question on my mind is what the candidates that didn't get the endorsement will do. Will they continue to campaign for the primary? I hope not as that will force the winners to waste badly needed money that would be put to better use in the general election.

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