Friday, February 13, 2009

Update on Obama's Stimulus Mistake

I read in one of the local papers that Paul Kanjorski isn't sure if he supports it. As Obama isn't from good old NEPA, I offer my services as a translator so that he may garner Kanjo's support.

What Kanjo means by "nor sure he supports" is that he went through the spending with a fine tooth comb and there just aren't enough earmarks to his family members. Nowhere in the bill is there funding for Cornerstone II Electric Spendaloo. Not once is poor Russell out in Colorado even mentioned. President Obama, Kandoucheski is just asking for a little love for his family and by little love, I of course mean he wants another $12 million or so for them. Surely with all the pork in the spending plan you could at least steer that paltry sum to them, can't you????


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Zen said...

Will check it out and let you know.