Monday, February 23, 2009

Bonner Running for Controller???

I was out and about this weekend and what does somebody hand me? Gerry(or is it Jerry?) Bonner's petition to run for controller in Luzerne County.

I've met Mr. Bonner a few times and actually like the guy. That being said, for those who don't know anything about him, he has been one of the most powerful members of the democrat machine in the county for decades. Assuming that political influence was used to get a county job (snort), I would be very interested to see a list of the people that got their county job through a phone call from Mr. Bonner. What do you say Gerry, will you provide a list? Will those that were the beneficiaries of his luminance come forward and admit it? The answer of course would be no to both.

Do we really want more of the same democrat shenanigans that have made our county a laughing stock? Judging by the hundreds of names on the the petition, I guess many in the county do.


Anonymous said...

The Insider Speaks:

Jerry Bonner is a degenerate irish thug...he is a disgrace to the good irish in this community. he owned and operated the Carriage Stop Inn...which burned down in what some investigators called arson. he is trouble...

Zen said...

I am tempted to delete this because I do not believe the arson comment. Do you have any facts or links to news releases about that?