Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Senate Passes $838 Billion Obama Stimulus Bill

Unfortunately, that figure isn't represenative of the actual price tag of this monumental boondoggle. It leaves out the $350Bn still sitting around from W's $700Bn mistake. It also doesn't count the projected $350Bn more that the pols are already saying will be needed later this year. For those bad at math, that is one point five trillion fooking dollars. Literally almost 15% of the national debt spent in the blink of an eye!!!!!

If that doesn't scare you about the future of our country, nothing ever will. I have pointed out the pork and wasteful spending that I could find in the bill and I am quite certain that I've missed quite a bit. This is a frightening day for America.

How did the financial markets react to this wonderful plan that is supposed to save the economy? They are in free fall!!! Seems like I'm not the only one that believes this is the mistake of the millenium.

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