Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Palissery for Luzerne County Controller

You are invited



Tuesday – February 24, 2009
6:00 p.m.

Luzerne County Republican Headquarters – Public Square

Light Refreshments

Please forward to your address book and bring a friend!

I will be there and hope to see many of my readers there as well. If you ever wanted to meet me, now's your chance!!!


Anonymous said...

do you know if he is the one the rep. party is backing?

Zen said...

I certainly hope so!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The Insider Speaks:

Bravo ! Some new blood with no ties ! I can support that.

Zen said...

I have known Nanda for well over a decade. He is probably the most honest man I know and will be an incredible asset to the tax payers of Luzerne County.

Anonymous said...

Palissery is an Attorney that will be there for his own paycheck..He is more of the same old network..This is the Attorney that represented the Louis Pagnotti case remeber the guy that took the van with the children in it..Palissery also represented the scum that killed the poor motorcyclist in Butler Twp because he was drunk...remember this at election time..Palissery is not the endorsed candidate ..vote wisely vote for someone that has demonstrated his ability to really represent the taxpayers...vote for Walter Griffith

Zen said...

I have asked nada many times how he can represent criminals and the answer is always the same. everybody deserves to be defended at trial. It is a fundamental right in our country.

Personally, when I hear of a case when there is no doubt of guilt, I think a trial is a waste of time and money.

Nobody has been endorsed yet. Waletr G. has been a great squeaky wheel but exactly what ability is it that you think he demonstrated? My real problem with Mr. G is that he is running for at least three offices(controller, home rule study, and another). Maybe he should choose which one he really wants and run for that.