Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sotomayor, Another Fight We Should Avoid

There are people on the right that are vigorously opposing her nomination to the Supreme Court. I say that this is yet again a fight that we cannot possibly win. We don't have the votes to block her. She will be confirmed and there is nothing we can do to stop that. Does that mean she's my ideal choice for the job? Of course not.

The only thing that will come of this is that we will further alienate our party from the fastest growing demographic in the country. At a time when we need to start doing what the dems have been doing for 30 years, this is the worst possible thing we can do.

Sorry ditto heads, but Rush Limbaugh could not possibly be more wrong about this. The reality is that Rush is an entertainer and is very good at his job. His job is to entertain us not to be the compass that we follow. At the end of the day, all he really cares about is his job. If you think what happens to the party is his primary concern, you are clueless.

The sad reality is the dems have been marketing to young voters ever since Rock the Vote. They have actively recruited them. They have fed them the message so often and in such large doses that you have to be a fat, old, wealthy, white man to be a Republican that they take it as fact rather than the pure bullshit that notion is. How many times have we all heard a democrat say "The democratic party is for the working man, Republicans only care about the rich"? I have heard many from our party counter that with something along the lines of " That's crap". The problem is, some of us just leave it at that rather than pointing out some basic facts that may at least put some doubt in that persons mind if not even get them thinking. My message here is to ask you to be positive, be excited, and be honest with them. Sure, you'll meet some hammer heads that are so brainwashed that their party could tell them it's night time at noon and they'd believe it but stay positive. If they are that far gone just agree to disagree with them and walk away.

As a party, we need to ask ourselves a few basic questions about the direction we need to go to make our country better. Those of us that are like moths to the flame and just can't resist getting into fights we can't win are doing more harm to the party than they can imagine. I'll ask about a couple of those fights and ask your opinions.

1. The fight we have made out of the abortion issue: Personally, I find abortion to be an affront to god at best and murder at worst. But has that changed the law of the land? NO. Abortion will never be illegal in America again regardless of how many lunatics go and kill Doctors that are just doing their job. Again, those of us that are that rabidly fanatical chase people away from our party when we need to grow more than ever. I say why night pick the parts of this fight we can win and fight them with the gloves off. Does anybody think if live birth abortion was constantly brought to their attention that the masses would still think it's an acceptable practice?? hell no. Do you think if the masses learned that the only surgical procedure a minor can have was an abortion and that we hammered that on TV that they'd find it acceptable? Again, hell no. Do we do those things? No! Our message seems to be "Let's alienate women voters because we don't want them any way" I ask you, how has that worked out for us???????

2.The fight we have made over homosexual rights: We have waged this war as long as I can remember. We seem incapable of learning from this. There are more gays living openly in our society than ever and there will be more every year. Is it possible that those that started this fight are wrong and they are actually born wired differently than heterosexuals? I'd say so. I say we should lead the fight to ensure equal rights for teh gheys (as they say on the internets.) and I mean the same exact rights as the rest of us have without exception!!!!!! I guess that might make me a bad Republican in some of your eyes but again, all we have done with this fight is push more people away from our party.

Flame away, I've got an asbestos suit!


NEPAConservative said...

Standard-grade liberal judge should get the standard-grade conservative burning at the stake. Just my opinion. Liberals were vicious for the last 10 years. Playing nice now is going to prove that Republicans are nothing but a bunch of limp wrists.

We talk about being principled so when we have the chance we need to stand our ground we should. The press is going to make us look bad anyway.

If the fire fighters isn’t enough of an argument what is? AND “She believes that, “more often than not,” a wise Latina will perform her job better than a white male.” If that’s not a racists statement I don’t know what is. We were forced to pick more “neutral” choices when W was in charge so…MEGA ditto’s Barry. Return to start!

Just remember Samuel Alito, Janice Rodgers Brown, Miguel Estrada? Privileged white democrats attacked all of these folks relentlessly!

If Republicans think this is going to turn away Latino voters think again.

Didn’t we think the Democrats looked like losers picking on everything the Republicans did for the last 10 years?

Every fight is a gamble. I’m just sick of never being able to fight back. I still think we should take them out to the wood shed on this one. Again, only my opinion.

Abortion will never be made Illegal because we elect spineless politicians that claim to be Pro Life…AKA Casey AND yes shooting abortion doctors is not the way to go, even though I don't feel the same sorrow I feel for his silenced victims.

Gays should and do live openly in society, it's the politicians that @#!$@# this up as well, with their hate crimes and all their other legislated privileges not allotted to the mainstream. On a side note, my only objection is children. Gay couples will have all the same rights that married couples have, including being considered as stable healthy households for children. I don't agree.

No flaming. That’s the best part about being a Republican/Conservative. We can talk about these things while having different opinion. Liberals just burn you at the stake. Heyna or no?

Zen said...

heyna, but my point is still valid. we will not be able to block her from becoming a chief justice. we will turn away hispanics just as sure as god made little green apples.

NEPAConservative said...

She'll get in yes, BUT is our job to air it all out. This is a lifetime appointment. Again I ask, Did the Democrats turn away Hispanic voters with their antics against Alito and Estrada? Maybe, but not enough to matter.

I like green apples :)

Zen said...

The rub is they have been committed to the message that when they block someone that it is for all the right reasons and when we block, it's because we're racists.