Monday, June 15, 2009

Joe Biden thinks the stimulous plan is working

Proving that he is an even bigger idiot than he appears, Joe Biden actually said this. He then went on to say that yes, the unemployment numbers are soaring beyond any of the projections and that we will be in double digit unemployment shortly. In what way does that imply the plan is working Joe?

The reality is that this plan has been an unmitigated failure and is in fact making things dramatically worse. I'd love to know what metric this administration is using to measure their success. The only success they have had is further destruction of the American Dream. If that is their metric, then yes, they are succeeding. Otherwise, how can any sane person think our situation is getting better?

The only good side of the magnitude of Obama's failure is that his "supporters" (you know the ones I mean, the hard core koolaid drinkers that thought he walked on water) have not only gotten a lot quieter, they are actually starting to see that the change they hoped for and the change they got are two vastly different things. Just this past Saturday, I actually heard a group of them talking about the massive increase in soft taxes and who was going to be hit the hardest by it. Shocked is too mild of a word to describe my reaction. Think chin hanging down to the floor and speechless. Maybe there is hope and they will see that the old democratic bullshit about being the party for the working man is just that, bullshit!!

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