Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Obama's Healthcare Plan and ABC News

Just don't call it what it is. You can call it Government Cross, Blue Government, or something else but you can't call it socialized medicine. No sirree, Pres. Obama said that is not what it is. Well, the way I look at it, that is exactly what it is. It will be paid for by tax dollars. It will be run by the government. It will radically reduce the quality of care just like it has done in every country that has it. Yep, that's socialized medicine.

The government is the most inefficient group to run a business that exists. These are the same bureaucrats that pay $18,000 for a hammer and $14,000 for a toilet seat and they think they can run the healthcare industry?? How the hell much is an aspirin going to be in a hospital when they get their grubby little hands on them??

If socialized medicine were so good, why do the people from countries that have it come here for their care? That is of course the people that can afford to come here. The sad reality that this President won't tell you is that this liberal dream will slam the middle class right square in the ass. The rich will still be able to get any care they need. The poor will get incredibly poor care and so will the middle. And will cost dramatically more than it does now (like everything the government does). Where is the advantage to this plan? The only advantage is that the democrats are once again trying to buy poor people's votes.

You are probably asking yourselves where is the media coverage of this. The even sadder reality is that ABC News is going to run a prime time special from the White House called Prescription for America. It has been discovered that ABC will not allow any negative comments about the Obama plan to be aired. I ask you, is that journalism? Is that really what you want from what is supposed to be a respected news program? I say it is not. I say we should all boycott ABC and any company that advertises on it.

Has Obama really achieved that level of dictatorial power in just 6 months? It appears so and we should all be very afraid!!

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