Thursday, June 4, 2009

Judge Toole Subpoenas

The long awaited but completely expected subpoenas have arrived in his office. It appears that Bobby Powell gave the judge an unspecified sum of money (cough $82,000. cough, hack) for unspecified reasons (cough, favorable juvie center rulings, cough).

It sure seems down right foolish to me. Why sell your soul for such a pittance when you're already making over $150,000 per year? That truly is beyond me.

My sincere hope is that at the end of the day, Judge Toole fully cooperates with the Feds and tells them all about the juvie center scam. Particularly about whether anybody got paid for signing a lease for $58,000,000 for a facility the county could've owned for $9,000,000. Me thinks a couple of the other people involved, that have already been pinched, have already sung like songbirds and the feds just want a little more ammo.


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NEPAConservative said...

Every stone they overturn exposes another Democrat buried in scandal. Such a shame!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if PP, Greg, and Todd are wetting their pants? They have to know they're next.