Thursday, June 18, 2009

All Republicans Unite

I am so tired of the pundits talking about which direction the party needs to go in. One group says farther to the right. The other says farther to the middle. I am here to tell them and all of you that they are both wrong!!

I really do not care if you are a moderate. Stand with me! So far to the right you fell off the edge? Stand with me. What is so hard to grasp about the concept of united we stand, divided we fall? We as Republicans need to come together. We do not need to agree with each other on every single issue. All we need to agree on are the basic tenets that make us Republicans. A need for strong national defense, personal responsibility, fiscal conservatism, and small government. All of the other issues should be secondary and are certainly no reason for the division of the party. We are making our party easy pickings for the democrats and I ask all of you why??

Even here in the sleepy little corrupt Luzerne County there is a faction of the party that wants to break the party apart for no reason that I can discern. We have formed the GOP Club of Luzerne County (no, you don't need to be a resident to be a member). This club was formed to be the foundation that our county party is rebuilt upon. We face a nearly 2-1 voter registration deficit but don't have the resources to fight that. We want to offer more candidates for office and be able to properly support them but again we need the manpower and resources to do so. We have already taken steps to help our candidates run. When we move into our new headquarters we will have a phone bank that they can use as well as volunteers from the club to help them. That all sounds great to me but guess what. THERE IS A SMALL BUT DETERMINED GROUP THAT CALL THEMSELVES REPUBLICANS BUT ARE ACTUALLY AGAINST MAKING THE PARTY STRONGER!!! They actively tell people not to help. I want one of them to tell me why.


Anonymous said...

because they failed badly when they ran the county party and want the new group to fail so they won't look as bad

Anonymous said...

Can't you just ignore them and move on without them? Pretty soon their followers will realize that they are following a bunch of losers who are determined to remain losers.

Zen said...

Actually, I want them to come back to the fold and join us in rebuilding the party.

Matthew Avitabile said...

We all need to organize

Zen said...

You are right Matthew. Please join Club GOP!!

Dan Cheek said...

I'm in agreement with Zen, on this one. The biggest problem with the Republican Party, I think, is a lack of leadership, at all levels. We need leaders who, like Zen says, unite the party and move it forward.

It would also help if the party's supposed "rising stars" would stop cheating on their wives.