Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Obama claims his stimulous plan is working

Mr. President, depending on what your goal was with this monument of stupidity would help us all understand what you meant when you said it was working. If your goal was to totally annihilate our economy and forever change the American way of life, then I'd have to agree with you. You are succeeding at that to be sure. If however, the goal was to pull us out of the recession we're in, you are failing miserably. How can you possibly think otherwise, Mr. President? Unless you are getting your news from Bong Hits Daily, you have to see the folly of your plan. I cannot possibly think of an example of this level of failure that is even comparable. Can any of you?

Mr. President, you have now made GM stand for Government Motors making all taxpayers shareholders. You know what genius? There is a farking reason I don't buy stock in bankrupt companies. Care to guess that reason? Because they're farking bankrupt!!! You know better than most why GM went bankrupt but rather than let them take the necessary steps to return to a profitable position you paid back the UAW. Of course I understand why you did. They bought and paid for you. Why don't you ask the UAW just one question? "Why is it that Honda, Toyota, BMW, etc hourly employees average more than a dollar per hour than union auto workers but those companies cost of labor is nearly $30 per hour less than the union shops? Do you think that may have a bearing on their ability to be profitable, jackass?

Mr. President, you have proposed that we get into the health insurance business as well. Never mind the fact that we just don't have the money for it. Never mind that even though your administration is doubling and tripling soft taxes to scrounge for money. (this won't work for you by the way as sooner rather than later those that will be hit hardest by it will finally see the truth behind the bullshit that your party is the one that cares about them). What are we going to call this new venture? Blue Government? Government Cross? Not that it matters because if you manage to get this passed, and I think you will, it will be just one more nail in America's coffin.

Mr. President if your goal was to bring America to our knees, I'd say you're more than half way there. Please stop.

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