Friday, March 20, 2009

Which President Cut Taxes The Most For Wealthy Americans

A little test for the weekend.
Which Pres. cut taxes the most for the wealthiest Americans?
A. Ronald Reagan
B.William Clinton
C. George W. Bush

If you get this wrong, please refrain from voting for the rest of your life.


NEPAConservative said...

Is this a trick question ; )

It's gotta be the The Gipper. I was just a young'in back then but I know he cut Jimaahhh Carters monster top rate which was around 70% down to 28%. Henna ?

If I'm wrong I'll hand in my Republican Registration Card and never vote again.

Matthew Avitabile said...

42 all the way

zen. said...

careful Nepal what you promise.

kar said...

Ooh, ooh...Mr. Cotter, I know, I know.

It was William Jefferson Fitzgerald Delano I right?

Anonymous said...

I would go with Bill myself...though I was young and uneducated in politics back then.

Zen said...

It is a trick question. According to our constitution, only congress has the power to raise or lower taxes.

No president has ever had that power.

Thank you for playing.

NEPAConservative said...

So what you are trying to say is the last 3 years are the Democrats fault ? You mean all this time when they were blaming Bush they were wrong ?!?! Nice ! haha

Red said...

Nothing like experiencing a Democratic Majority Congress fighting Republican tax breaks.