Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Luzerne County Corruption Yuhas, Payne, and Martinelli Style

I wrote about twister and Bobby getting health insurance courtesy of the county for nigh on four years. It was reported in the local papers today that none other than AJ "I Need AA" Martinelli signed off on it for them.

I can't even keep track any more of all the elected dems and appointed dems that have been or are about to be indicted in Luzerne County. Lord knows one would be too many but we seem to have a slew of them. For the record, Martinelli was appointed by Pennsylvania's Gov. Fast Eddy Rendell D-ouche. That's right folks, another coup for the democrats. It seems those pesky lefties just have a lock on the corruption around here.

Keep voting them in, it makes writing this so much easier!!!!!!!!!!

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