Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Obama's Prime Time News Conference

The wizard of uhhs was in fine form last night. Thank god I wasn't playing the drinking game where you have to take a swig every time Barry says Uhh, Err, or Hmm. Just think if that was coupled with having to take a swig every time he said that he inherited all the problems facing our country!! Anybody playing would've been loaded inside of twenty minutes!!! He should have let TOTUS handle the questions, at least then he wouldn't have sounded like such an idiot. I thought Bush was a terrible public speaker but Obama has easily taken his title away from him.

Even though I wasn't playing, I am having a hard time recalling if he answered a single question directly or at all. The change he promised on the campaign trail doesn't resemble the changes he is making in our country. His administration is wiping their ass with our constitution and preparing to flush it down the toilet. The new power he wants his administration to have is frightening at the very least. Can you imagine if any other president said that he wants the power to seize businesses??? If you hated the Patriot Act, how do you feel about this?

Bush, who in fact was a RINO, spent our tax dollars like a drunken sailor. Chairman Zero is spending it like a crack whore that won the lottery. Worse still, he is proud of it. I ask you, what is the logical conclusion of the rampant growth of our government and national debt?


Matthew Avitabile said...


Zen said...

Uhhhh, errrrr, mmmmm, that's what I meant to say.
Borat Obama

Red said...

"...what is the logical conclusion of the rampant growth of our government and national debt?"

Depends on what folks are willing to do, really. And that depends on when it starts affecting people on an immediate level. "Tea Parties" are good and all but then what? People won't start getting organized and doing something about all of this gigantic government until something happens to bring it much closer to home. Until then, you have blogging.

David Yonki said...

what is the logical conclusion of the rampant growth of our government and national debt?
The answer to your question is simply this. At long last we have a President thinking about the middle class, gutted by the previous administration. We have a systematic approach to solving problems like health care reform, low tests scores and helping those who have lost long tenured jobs in this man made, Wall Street greed induced economic collapse. I would rather go into debt saving the heart and soul of this nation, the middle class rather than having government contractors make gazillions in a war we did not want where our troops were literally assasinated instead of fighting rules of engagement. I was not an original Obama supporter but I am standing behind him because he is a better alternative to the GOP party of Palin and other miniscule political creatures who are "us" first and country, 9th!

Zen said...

Dave, this president has absolutely not a concern in the world about the middle class and to believe otherwise is at best naive and at worst, just stupid.

His idea to fix health care is to socialize medicine in this country. It works so well in other countries that they come here for major procedures. Further, try selling this idea to someone that doesn't have a family member living in a country with socialized medicine. The stark reality is that if you can afford to pay for a procedure you can get it done immediately. If the state is paying, it may be months or even a year until you get it. That sir, is a fact.

Low test scores? How about we hold teachers responsible for that? Aren't they the ones ultimately failing our children?

The unwanted war was voted on and passed by congress. I wish the war never happened either and have a dead family member because of it.

You seem to think that all that is wrong is the fault of the previous administration, specifically Bush. The blame goes back for decades.