Monday, March 30, 2009

The Tax Increase on Tobacco

Our glorious Chairman, Obama, has raised the tax on tobacco. While this soft tax hike will only affect about one in five adult Americans, care to guess who will be most affected by it? Yep, the poor and middle class. I can actually hear your thoughts as I sit and type this. Screw them, they shouldn't be smoking anyway. It's bad for people!!! The sanctimonious non-smokers should be careful what they wish for. Just because smoking isn't your particular vice, don't be so sure that your vice won't be taxed next.

I think it is a very safe bet that alcohol will be the next vice to have a significant tax increase. You know what will happen then? The non-smokers and the tea drinkers will say "Good, they shouldn't be drinking anyway".

So I am going to jump on the Obamination Taxation band wagon. As I am not obese and rarely eat fast food, I want them to put a 100% tax on fast food, junk food, and candy. Lord knows being over weight is just as much a health risk as any other vice. Picture it, Big Macs 4 bucks a pop. KFC family meal for four, fifty bucks!! Snickers bar, two fifty. Large bag of potato chips six fifty. etc, etc, etc. The government might raise enough to pay for some of Obama's record setting deficits.

Why is Obama raising all these soft taxes? To fund his programs of course. He told us all that he was only going to raise taxes on the "rich". Well guess who's taxes he is raising? yep, all of ours.

Don't worry if you don't fall into any of the above categories, you're still going to get an anal probing when the chosen one's 100% tax increase on utilities passes. If you haven't seen the full page ads in every major paper in the country, that is exactly what Zero has planned. For those that voted for him, I hope he is living up to what you wanted.

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