Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Pres. Obama's Speech

I am going to watch it tonight just to see what new lies he gets caught telling.

When Joe Wilson called him a liar he was vilified. It turns out Joe was telling the truth and Obama was in fact lying. The Pres. told us all on national television that neither illegal aliens or abortions would be covered by Obamacare. As it happens, both are. The abortion issue is causing several democrats to turn tail and run from the bill. The illegal alien coverage has Reid and Pelosi saying that them being covered is just an unintended provision in the bill. I really cannot wait to see how they try to spin it now.

Tonight though, the Pres. will be talking about Afghanistan and his strategery or lack thereof on further prosecution of that war. I have a little history lesson for the Pres. If the Soviets, when they were at their strongest, got their asses handed to them there, how do we plan on winning? The Soviets fought with the gloves off so to speak and still lost. We are fighting to be as politically correct as we can and we will lose!! My advice, get us the fark out of there. I doubt that is in Obama's plan even though he promised exactly that on the campaign trail. I think he will go over there and personally apologize to them for America's greatness as he has in so many other countries around the world. I just hope he gives them a very large dose of the special koolaid beforehand.


Anonymous said...

How can a man who is so intelligent be so friggin stupid? I am so disgusted with the war BS that I'm now sending daily emails to the White House. All I want Obama to do is do what he promised, get the hell out of there.

Anonymous said...

Zen, I'm old and getting older. Can you please increase the size of your font? Maybe there is a MSViagra.

Zen said...

I will try to remember to use the bigger font. Thanks for reading!!!