Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What Direction is America Going?

The answer is obvious. We are heading toward a big government utopia and we are making really good time.

The sad reality is that our elected representatives in Washington have lost sight of the fact that they are supposed to represent their constituents. Seems kind of obvious, that's why we call them our elected representatives. As we have seen recently, they do not care about the vast majority's wishes and willfully disregard us. The most recent polls show that we do not want Obamacare. As evidenced by the recent votes in the House and Senate, it is going to become reality in spite of every single poll result. Is there a solution? Yes, but not before it is far too late. We can vote the bums out but not before this monster is let out of its cage.

While the healthcare is a huge issue and government blue cross will cost 53% of us nearly $1 Trillion, it is not the issue that could spell the end of our country as we know it. That issue is Cap and Trade. Judging by the vote on healthcare, this bill will sail through the Congress. What will it mean to all of us, rich, poor, and middle class alike? Everything is going to cost more and not by just a smidgen here and a dab there, but lots more.

The single biggest increase we will all face is a massive price hike on our energy demands. Gas and diesel back over $4 per gallon? Bank on it. Your electric bill, 70-100% increase. Natural gas same thing. None of this should be a shock as Obama pledged it on the campaign trail. He directly stated that he would increase those costs to force us to conserve and find alternative energy solutions.

My advice to all is to start looking into those solutions now. Currently, there are many government plans to help with the costs of many of them. When the government money runs out for the incentives, you will be on your own and run out it will.

Personally, I have never got one red cent from Uncle Sam but this is one time when I will finally get something back for the hundreds of thousands of dollars in income tax I have paid in my lifetime. I am going to put a photovoltaic system (solar energy) on my roof. The cost would be crippling but since the government (in reality, the 53% of us that pay income tax) is generously going to pay for over half of it, I am going to do it. Want to know how widespread this is going to be? You only have to call your local Home Depot and they will send somebody out to give you a free estimate. Once this goes mainstream the government money will be gone so fast you won't believe it.

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