Monday, December 14, 2009

A Paige from a very old book

I wanted to write about our illustrious Demoncrat controlled Senate passing yet another $1.1 TRILLION spending bill but alas I had the misfortune to read the story in the Times Leader today about Chris Paige.

I have written before and am sure I will again that I am tired of dirty politics and mudslinging. Mr. Paige instead of coming out and stating his qualifications chose instead to dig deep in the mud pit and start slinging. Whether he is correct about Barletta is irrelevant. Mr Paige, if your qualifications are that much better, why aren't you running on them?

Not so long ago, we had 2 guys run in the GOP primary. That race turned very nasty (at least on one side) and left it impossible to win a seat back that has always been a GOP slot. Is that what you are after here Mr. Paige? It is a mistake and a very foolhardy one at that. You have more or less guaranteed that people that are tired of this reprehensible bullshit will not support you. Count me as one of them.

The funny thing is, that last time around, the D's had a huge advantage thanks to Bush the RINO's actions. This time, people are going throw every bum in DC out. That includes Kanjo, Carney, Casey, and Snarlin Arlen. They have been at the helm while things have gone remarkably worse and have in fact increased the national debt to a level that the country is extremely unlikely to be able to recover from. Worse still, there is no end in sight to their spend and spend plans. This election cycle will see the GOP take back quite a few seats. I just hope you aren't sitting in one Mr. Paige!


David Yonki said...

Many people feel that a spirited primary is good for the party, any party. The theory is it fine tunes the conender for the general. But with a party on the defensive in terms of numbers and a renewed identity, this is not good for the GOP. Have him move to the 10th.

Zen said...

good points Dave!!!

Anonymous said...

" Whether he is correct about Barletta is irrelevant."

Well if that is not the most dumb ass statement I have ever read. Dirty politics, if correct, isn't dirty. Picking out you opponents weaknesses and shortcomings is how you fucking win.

When Lou was going negative on Kanjo over nepotism was that WRONG?

Zen said...

ok anon, fair enough. Let me clarify, whether he is correct on Barletta not being electable is irrelevant. Going dirty for dirty's sake is good in your book?? Not in mine. If you are going to be a mudslinger, at least make sure what you are claiming is true.

For the record you farking farktard, he has claimed that Barletta has made Hazleton a welcome home for Nazi's, the Klan, etc when the statement has no basis in fact or even quasi-reality. That is just one example of Mr. Paige's douchebaggery.

Anonymous said...

You're a GOP insider scum bag. The only DIRTY pool came from Meuser - show me what hacektt said that was untrue. ah, ah, ah
ok - can't get anything real - make something up like he attacked him for hiring illegals - you're a bozo.

McGruff said...


Don't you love it. When they don't have the facts they attack you with "Anonymous".

To the poster about Lou going Negative about Kanjo over nepostism...Let's address your fearless leader Obama. Did he not attack George Bush over war yet he gives an eloquent speech in Copenhagen about a "Just War" which was the exact same position Bush was addressing?

Barletta's criticism was a Just War where Kanjo is concerned. I don't hear you crying about the fact that Kanjo used and still uses a position about Barletta on Social Security that is not only inaccurate but without solid foundation.

Anonymous said...

The Neo Nazi's love Mayor Lou. It is a haven for racism, it even spread to Shenedoah. So One day you republicans will wake up and realize Mayor Lou is the fucking worst thing that has happened to the party. He is a bigger RINO than Snarlin Arlen was.
Take away his racist actions, his complete misunderstanding of government and he has questionable business associates, he has been a tax and spend mayor. The mayor is more of a liberal big government politico than Kanjo