Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Pres. Obama's Speech part 2

I didn't catch any direct lies last night and am glad that the pres. has promised a mid next year withdrawal. Many are saying that he was wrong to set a withdrawal time line, I disagree. We will not win on any of the 3 fronts we are currently fighting on. It is sad to say but nonetheless true. The Soviets tried to win in Afghanistan for 8 long years and they were hampered by trying to look like the good guys in their tactics and policies. They lost, and so shall we.

I think our method of fighting in Pakistan is a far more productive tactic. We are using predator drones to carry out surgical strikes. We are using special warfare operators on fast in, fast out strikes. While these are great at minimizing our troop casualties, they do nothing to win the war.

Our Rules of Engagement need to be changed. Ask any front line Iraq or Afghanistan war vet if they knew where the terrorists were operating out of and storing their weapons. Everybody there knows, they are storing them in mosques. Take the safe havens away from them. Punish any country that sponsors terrorists. In that last sentence, I include leaders like Saddam Hussein that pay U.S.$25,000. to the families of those that "martyr" themselves. Fight them exactly by the same rules they fight us by. Soon enough their stomach would sour on being a terrorist.

As for Obama getting NATO to commit a sizable force to help in the battle, I say good luck Mr. President. They are fair weather friends that also happen to suffer from an overdose of political correctness. Although maybe if he goes over the pond and apologizes for America's greatness a few more times, he'll have that luck.

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